Consulting for the Oregon Department of Transportation (USA).

Evaluation of the toll road pricing project, traffic and revenue study, placement of porticos along the infrastructure, 30-year financial project model and launch proposal (PPP, new agency/authority, revenue share, concessions, etc.).

Mobility study in the Canalejas area.

Mobility study in one of the most emblematic urban developments in Madrid in recent years. A microsimulation model that integrates traffic and public transport in the area to define the optimal solution in road sizing, as well as the need for parking and public transport. Generation-attraction study based on different residential and tertiary uses.

Consulting for the State of Georgia (USA).

Evaluation of potential public-private partnership infrastructure projects throughout the State of Georgia, including state bridges, a dynamic lane in I-95 and the urban environment (Macon, Columbus, Augusta) to promote economic development.

Mobility and connectivity study at Port-au-Prince Airport (Haiti).

Modernisation plan for entrances and exits to the main airport in Haiti to avoid congestion problems during peak periods of air traffic. Definition of an improvement plan to eliminate bottlenecks in the main connection routes of the airport with the main centres of activity in the city of Port-au-Prince.

Feasibility study for the Port of Arica (Chile).

Diagnosis of the current situation of the Port, study of demand, identification of current and future needs for services and infrastructure, conceptual dimensioning of the port and economic and financial analysis of the proposed plan.

Due-Dilligence de un BRT en Asunción (Paraguay).

Technical, environmental, economic, financial and organisational audit of a project to implement Bus Rapid Transit in the city of Asunción. This due diligence was one of the Inter-American Development Bank’s (IDB) conditions for undertaking the multilateral financing of the project.

Sustainable Mobility Index for Spanish cities.

This index analyzes mobility and transport systems for 82 Spanish cities considering more than 125 indicators covering health, safety, accessibility and environmental sustainability as key elements for the organization and management of the mobility of the future in the territories.

Urban transport in Pamplona.

Creation of technical and demand studies for the preparation of an offer with which the AVANZA Group would bid on a tender for providing urban public transport service in the city of Pamplona.

Study of several car parks in the Mahou-Calderón area.

Calculation of parking needs in various development units within the Mahou- Calderón scope of consolidation, based on the different types of land use. The modelling study includes an analysis at three levels: micro at the access level, meso at the level of proximity road and macro at the level of collector-distribution roads. It is broken down between rotation and residential parking.

Feasibility study for Copán Airport (Honduras).

Traffic study, conceptual design and business model for the modernisation and expansion of the Copán airfield. This project would allow access to the famous Copán ruins from Honduras, avoiding long, slow and unsafe road trips.

Audit and Technology Plan in Indiana Toll Road (USA).

Organisational evaluation and assessment of processes of the Indiana Toll Roads technology department, identifying areas for improvement, suggesting that investments be made in new systems and defining an implementation plan.

Tender and implementation of the toll system in Puerto Rico.

RFP preparation for a new toll system throughout the lane and central levels, migration from the legacy system to a new system, support during contract negotiation, design evaluation, project management, testing and implementation.

Technical assistance for innovation projects.

Support for Abertis Autopistas’ innovation department in the conceptualisation of the innovation strategy, the presentation of proposals to the main Spanish and European programmes and the implementation of projects such as C-ROADS, INFRAMIX and 5GMED.

Support in the monitoring and coordination of innovation.

Support for Abertis Infraestructuras’ technology and innovation department in mapping internal innovation at an international level, writing reports and documents, scouting internal and external technology and fostering cooperation between the group’s business divisions.

Laboratory for data processing and visualisation.

Creation for Abertis Autopistas of a flexible laboratory for the capture, treatment, provision and visualisation of data for innovation projects that allows users to explore new services based on the use of their own and third party data.